Troides haliphron (Boisduval, 1836)

S. Sulawesi; 1/77 (Leg J Holden) S. Sulawesi; 1/77 (Leg J Holden) male form pallens (note female pallens is much paler than female haliphron - neither female is illustrated here)

   Generally abundant where found, but confined to Sulawesi and the lesser Sunda Islands Troides staudingeri has at time been classified with haliphron. A number of other subspecies have been described from various islands in SE Indonesia, but it appears to be absent from Timor.

    haliphron - South Celebes
    naias - Sumba Is
    socrates - Wetar and Sumbawa (probably a local form and not a subspecies)
    selayarensis - Selayar
    celebensis - possibly central Celebes - the status of this taxon is unclear. It has been placed with T criton, T oblongomaculata, and some consider it to by a hybrid with T helena hephaestus. It is rather rare at any rate.