Papilio nephelus (Boisduval, 1836)

S Malaysia ; 3/97  ssp. sunatus West Java  May 1971  ssp. nephelus
N Borneo female ssp albolineatus

   Common and widespread from N India and Nepal to S China (ssp chaon and rileyi) south through Thailand (ssp. ducenarius), Laos, Vietnam and the Malay peninsula (ssp. annulus and sunatus), Sumatra and Borneo (ssp. albolineatus), Java (the nominate race), and islands west of Sumatra: (ssp uranus, tellonus, siporanus) . P. nubilus is felt to be a rare natural hybrid with P polytes from Sumatra and N Borneo, but this is not clear. P chaon may be a ssp. or form of nephelus.