Papilio interjecta (Van Someren, 1960)

Kitale, Kenya; Sept 1981 Kitale, Kenya; Feb 1981

    So far known only from Uganda and W Kenya where it flies with P chrapowski. Common at times but not as much so as chrapowski. The recto surface of the two species is not reliably distingushable in long series, but the verso surface of interjecta clearly lacks the luster found on chrapowski (see "Butterflies of Kenya".) This is apparently enough of a difference to tell them apart while "puddling" together. The genitalia are apparently quite distinct. The specimen on the left may be improperly identified and strongly resembles P bromius from Central Africa, though the data were from Kenya. Below I have shown the type specimen from the BMNH:
Type specimen BMNH  color is not true actual specimens are more blue than green