Ornithoptera victoriae (Gray, 1856)

Malaita, Solomon Islands 3/94   ssp reginae (specimen from Ianni butterflies, Ohio) Santa Ysabel Island, Solomon Chain ssp isabellae
Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands; 6/94 ssp victoriae (specimen from Ianni butterflies, Ohio) Buka Island, N Solomon Province, Papua New Guinea; Oct 1999 ssp. regis (Specimen from Insect World)
Ranonga, Solomon Islands; 3/94 ssp rubianus  (specimen from Ianni butterflies, Ohio) New Georgia Is ssp rubianus aberration
Ranonga, Solomon Islands ssp rubianus aberration niclasi Guadalcanal ssp victoriae aberration niclasi
San Cristobal Island, Solomons; 2/94 ssp epiphanes San Cristobal Island, Solomons; 2/94 ssp epiphanes
Bougainville ; ssp regis gold aberration Bougainville PNG ssp regis red aberrant 
San Cristobal ssp epiphanes aberration
Malaita, Solomon Islands 5/82   ssp reginae   female  (specimen from Ianni butterflies, Ohio)
St. Isabel Is, Solomon Islands ssp isabellae female
New Georgia Island Solomon Group ssp rubianus female

   Widespread in the Solomon Islands and Bougainville Island (New Guinea), This beautiful insect is not rare, but some populations are declining due to deforestation. Inhabits lowland rain forest, males soaring high in the canopy and feeding on nectar in the treetops, it is notoriously difficult to capture. The first known specimens were actually brought down (in pieces) with a shotgun in the nineteenth century. The Solomon Island government has done little to protect it and has not yet signed the international endangered species act (CITES). O. victoriae is one of the most phenotypically variable of the birdwings, and forms resembling each of the described subspecies have been found outside the range for that subspecies. A natural hybrid with O. priamus urvilleana is known as O. allotei (once considered to be the most prized of the birdwings due to its rarity and still selling at auctions for the neighborhood of 10,000$ US).