Ornithoptera allotei ()

top: male [O. v. regis x O. p. euphorion]
middle: male [O. v. regis x O. p. poseidon]
bottom: male [O. v. regis x O. p. poseidon] mounted
larva, pupa, adult of [O. v. regis x O. p. poseidon]. Adult is the same specimen shown to the left . 
Wild caught male from Bougainville [O. v. regis x O. p. urvilleanus] Wild caught male from Malaita [O. v. reginae x O. p. urvilleanus]

  Long considered the rarest of the birdwings, This "species" has been shown by breeding experiments to be a naturally occurring hybrid between O victoriae and O priamus urvilleanus. Straatman raised several specimens before his death; males bred with green subspecies of O priamus varied from orange to green in color as shown, while the most beautiful "wild" type is green or blue (as it is hybridized with the blue O priamus urvilleanus). Note the distinctive HW shape which is intermediate between victoriae and priamus