Graphium sarpedon (Linnaeus, 1758)

Gebe Island Indonesia ssp. gebensis Ceylon ssp. teredon

  Abundant and widespread in lowland and medium altitude ares from India through most of SE Asia to Australia. Males are known for congregating in large numbers to drink at puddles, with other members of the genus Graphium. G milon represents the Molluccan race of sarpedon, and several forms often attributed to sarpedon are listed here with milon.

Subspecies include:

    teredon - Sri Lanka
    sarpedon - India Burma Thailand, Malaysia, Hainan Is, Sumatra, Borneo, The Philippines, Java and Bali
    semifasciatus - SE and West China
    connectens - Taiwan
    nipponum - Japan
    rufofervidum - Nias Is
    phyris - Mentawei Is
    rufocellularis - Bawean
    adonarensis - Sumbawa, Adonara, Flores
    jugens - Sumba
    timorensis - Timor, Wetar
    messogis - New Guinea, Kai, Aru, Waigeo
    imparilis - New Britain, New Hannover, Bismarck
    isander - Bougainville, Guadalcanal, Choessul, St Ysabel, Florida
    impar - Rendova, New Georgia
    choredon - Australia