Teinopalpus aureus (Mell, 1923)

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"China" ?? ssp "China" 1933 ssp??
Mt Dayaoshan, Guangxi, China ssp. guangxiensis Viet Nam ssp shinkaii male
ssp shinkaii female   Viet Nam; ssp shinkaii female   Viet Nam verso
Fujian, China ssp wuyiensis male Hainan Island, China ssp hainanensis

    Less well known than its sister species, imperialis, T. aureus is found from SE China through Vietnam and Laos (at least the northern and central portions of these countries.) Several subspecies have been described, and more are likely to come - the differences are dubious in some cases, especially given the variability of the individuals. Listed as CITES appendix II, it is apparently protected by the Chinese government (though probably not very effectively). Little is known of its life cycle though specimens have been bred and raised from wild collected larvae and pupae, and details will likely be forthcoming. It is a montaine species like imperialis and is reportedly rather local but not rare when found. Males hilltop and are easier to find than the more secretive females. This species may be more vulnerable to the spreading deforestation than imperialis due to its slightly more limited range and the speed of habitat destruction currently underway in SE China and northern Vietnam.