Troides andromache (Staudinger, 1892)

Mt. Kinabalu, 1400 meters, NW Borneo (?1960's? - no date)
Mt. Kinabalu, 1400 meters, NW Borneo;  female  (?1960's? - no date)
Mt.Seran, 1700m, West-Kalimantan, Indonesia ssp. nishikawai female  Photo Courtesy W Zoeller

   Endemic to Borneo and generally considered a rarity, this unique species is certainly very restricted in range and rare in collections. One subspecies has been described (marapokensis) from Mt Marapok and surrounding areas, also NW Borneo; ssp nishsikawai was described by Kobayashi in 1992. Some commercial ranching efforts appear to be underway. The species is probably safe in that it occurs in some numbers in National Park lands around Mt Kinabalu.