Parnassius staudingeri (Bang-Haas, 1882)

Turkistani Mtns, Uzbekistan 3500 meters; July 1997  ssp dificilis Aram-Kungen Mtns Zaalai Heights 3600m ssp infernalis
Dukdon Pass, Fany ssp staudingeri
Glugnen, 3800 meters, Pamir July 21 1997  (ssp jacobsoni
Muskol range, SE Pamir, 4000 meters no date. (ssp kiritshenkoi) courtesy R.Panganiban

   Quite variable and numerous subspecies, some of which have been ranked and may be true species ( ie.:jacobsoni , kiritshenkoi (bottom), infernalis, hunza, and mamaievi) Above is ssp dificilis which is close to P. s. infernalis. Staudingeri has been placed under delphius by some authors.
        Flies on rocky slopes of moderate to high elevation mountains in Afghanistan, S. U.S.S.R. (Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Tadjikistan), Northern Pakistan and extreme N India (Kashmir).