Papilio rex (Oberthur, 1886)

Kibale forest, Uganda Feb 1960 ssp. mimeticus male yellow form  Kibale forest, Uganda Feb 1960 ssp. mimeticus male red form
SW Ethiopia   ssp. abyssinicus same data verso
"Que Atlantica, Cameroun"  July  ssp schultei
Cameroun ssp shultei female Cameroun ssp shultei female
Southwest Kenya (only data ) ssp  commixtus? Uluguru Mtns, N Tanzania (new subspecies - not sure of name)
La Ngara Forest, Nairobi, Kenya ssp rex La Ngara Forest, Nairobi, Kenya  June 4 1957 female  ssp rex
Kenya ssp regulus (?)

   Not rare (though some subspecies may be), rex is a powerful flier high in the forest canopy and thus generally not well represented in collections. A striking mimic of Danaid species in central/east Africa. Males and less often females can be caught visiting flowers in the afternoons.