Papilio polyctor (Boisduval, 1836)

Chiang Mai, Thailand; 3/96  ssp. stockleyi N India ssp polyctor female
Khao Soi Dao, Chantaburi Prov, Thailand; Oct 1983 ssp pinratani Mustash, Pakistan (?) ssp polyctor male
Assam, NE India  July 1967  ssp ganesa Mt Hei, S Yunnan Province, China ssp xiao

   Common and Widespread from Pakistan and Afghanistan through N India, Burma and Thailand, to N Vietnam. Five or more subspecies described. As is readily apparent, the species is quite variable in size and coloration. The nominate race is from Pakistan and Kashmir / NW India.

    polyctor - Kashmir, Pakistan, NW India
    ganesa - NE India, NW Thailand
    stockleyi - W Thailand and SE Burma
    significatus - Central Burma
    triumphator - N thailand and Viet Nam
    pinratanai - SE Thailand
    xiaoe - S Yunnan China