Papilio pharnaces (Doubleday, 1846)

Cuernavaca, Mexico; 5/78  ssp pharnaces Veracruz Mexico ssp pharnaces Leg.: Escalante
Merida, Yucutan; 5/80 ssp rogeri Merida, Yucutan; 5/80 ssp rogeri Leg.: Escalante

      Endemic to Mexico, but widespread there on both coasts and the Yucutan peninsula. May be common and frequently found in developed areas and gardens . One subspecies, rogeri (Boisduval, 1836) shown below (from Yucutan area), may be more closely related to P anchisiades, and has been considered a full species by some. If rogeri is a subspecies of pharnaces, then the name rogeri should take precedence ( ie Papilio rogeri pharnaces etc.)