Papilio peranthus (Fabricus, 1787)

S. Sulawesi, Indonesia; 11/97  ssp insulicola Bali, Indonesia June 1997 ssp transiens

    Widespread and variable through most of Indonesia. Ssp. insulicola and the very similar adamantius from Sulawesi may be distinct enough to warrant reclassification as a full species. Many island races have been described as subspecies, some of dubious validity:

    peranthus - Kangean and Java
    baweanus - Bawean
    transiens -  Bali, alor, and Pantar
    fulgens - Lombok, Flores, Solor, Adonara Islands
    intermedius - Tanamjampea, Kalao, Bonerate
    fannius - Sumbawa
    adamantius - Northern Sulawesi
    sumie - Jatisiri island
    wangiwangiensis - Wangiwangi island
    insulicola - Southern Sulawesi