Papilio machaon (Linnaeus, 1758)

Malta Island; July 1987 ssp.  melitensis male Seraing, Belgium ssp machaon female
Pink Mtn, British Columbia, Canada ssp. alaiska
June 22 1982
Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada ssp. hudsonianus
June 11 1998
Beijing China ssp. venchuanus Malta ssp. melitensis female
Sachalin, Far East, Russian Federation ssp. sachalinensis female Toskana Is ssp. sphyroides male
Far East, Russian Federation ssp. ussuriensis male Czech Republic ssp.machaon beautiful abberant
Sweden ssp. machaon male Sweden ssp.machaon female
Kamtscha Peninsula, Far East Russia ssp. kamtschadalus male Kamtscha Peninsula Far East Russia ssp. kamtschadalus female

    Very wide range (circumpolar) through N America, Europe, and Asia. Over 100 ssp described ( at least half of which are of dubious value for subspecies status)  in what is known as the "machaon complex."  A few populations in Europe may be decining due to human development. Papilio hippocrates  almost certainly belongs with this species and is very similar to the East China specimens (ie.: venchuanus )