Graphium macareus (Godart, 1819

Chaing Mai, Thailand; 4/95 ssp indochinensis Bali, Indonesia ssp albinovarum
Sarawak, Borneo ssp macaristus N PalawanApril 1978 female ssp maccabaeus
Meur Walsh W Java Oct 27 1933 female ssp macareus

   Common and widespread with 11 subspecies, found from N India and Nepal, S China, Thailand and the Malay peninsula to the Philippines and western portions of Indonesia ( Borneo and Java/Bali). Females are rarely seen and likely keep to the forest where they are difficult to collect. In a few races the females are dimorphic. Subspecies include:

    indicus (polynices) - Sikkim
    lioneli NE India
    gyndes - Burma
    indochinensis - Thailand, SE Asia
    mitis - Hainan
    perakensis - Malay Peninsula
    xanthosoma - Sumatra
    macaristus - Borneo
    maccabaeus - Palawan
    macareus - Java
    albinovarum - Bali