Papilio garamas (Geyer, 1829)

El Refugio Ahuapachan, El Salvador; may 1998 (female ssp electryon) El Refugio Ahuapachan, El Salvador; May 1998 (female ssp electryon dark form)
El Refugio Ahuapachan, El Salvador; May 2002 female ssp electryon (beautiful form with extra red) Guerrerro MX June 12 1955 sspbaroni dark form female
La Esperanza, Oaxaca, Mexico  ssp abderus female dark form 40 km SE Cuernavaca Mexico; female dark form (ssp garamas/abderus transition ? )
La Esperanza, Oaxaca, Mexico  June 1979   ssp abderus La Esperanza, Oaxaca, Mexico  June 1979   ssp abderus   verso
Filo de Caballo, Guerrerro, Mexico; April 12 1990 ssp. baroni Heredia 1800 meters, Volcan Barva Costa Rica Jan 18 1983  ssp syedra
Cuernavaca, MX; 6/70 (coll: Escalanti)  male (ssp garamas) Cuernavaca, MX; 6/70 (coll: Escalanti)  ssp garamas underside
Cuernavaca, MX; 6/70 (coll: Escalanti)  female dark form ssp garamas
Tepotzlan, Morelos Sept 10 1977; female aberrant splendida Atlixco, Puebla Mexico; male Aberrant  splendida Coll:Diaz

    NE and NW coastal mountains of Mexico south through Central America to Panama. Frequently common. Female is dimorphic, with one form resembling the male and the other melanic (see above). P. garamas garamas is classified by some as a full species with the other (Cloud forest) subspecies belonging to P abderus (Hopfer, 1856.) This may be correct, but as there is no clear sympatry involved, I have retained all as differentiated subspecies of garamas. Several ssp described:
           garamas - Most of central Mexican plateau in mountains on both coasts. very common
           abderus - Cloud forests of E and S Mexico
           baroni - Cloud forests of SW Mexico local
           electryon - Cloud forests of SE Mexico (Chiapas) to El Salvador (shown)
           syedra - Cloud forests of Costa Rica and Panama Local