Parides burchellanus (Westwood, 1872)

Casabranca, Sao Paulo, Brasil Casabranca, Sao Paulo, Brasil female

    Rare and extremely local, confined to central and SE Brazil (to Sao Paulo). May be hreatened with extinction if deforestation and river dammming in South Brazil proceeds unchecked. Flies in dense scrub and arid gallery forest where is is almost never in the open, though at times flies over open water at the bottom of the ravines. Research is currently being conducted to determine if indeed this is actually the same taxon as Parides panthonus jaquarae, which flies in the same region and has not been seen in half a decade..

Addendum May 2010: jaguarae is now being described as a ssp of burchellanus, and is in fact the subspecies shown above. jaguarae is found in M.G. (Fazenda Jaguara at Rio das Velhas) and Sao Paulo (Batatais, Casabranca). I do not have a good photo of the nominate race, but it has smaller red spots along the hindwing margin and flies in Northern Goias (Pujol, Rio Maranhao, Anapolis) and the D.F..(Tenente)