Papilio bianor (Cramer, 1776)

Koroishi City, Japan; 5/93   ssp dehaani male Nakanago-Sueyoshi, Hachijo Is., Japan ssp. hachijonis
Ishigaki Is, Okinawa Province, Japan. male same data female
Miake Island male same data female
Hachijo Island ssp. hachijonis male Same data ssp. hachijonis female
Lu Tao, Taiwan 1200 meters June 1979  male ssp kotoensis (?) Li-Ku Taiwan May 5 1970 female ssp kotoensis
Tokara Is, Japan; male ssp tokaraensis Tokara Is, Japan ssp tokaraensis
Wushi, Taiwan June 1980  male ssp kotoensis Hachijo Is, Japan ssp hachijonis

    China, Vietnam, Laos, N ans S Korea, and Japan. The subspecies kotoensis is often treated as a full species. Generally common, many subspecies have been described from the islands south of Japan:

    bianor - China
    dehanni - Japan, Korea, and Sakhalin island
    kotoensis - Lan Yu, ? Taiwan
    takasago - Taiwan
    amamiensis - Amami islands
    tokaraensis - Tokara islands
    ryukyuensis - Okinawa islands
    okinawaensis - Yaeyama islands