Ornithoptera croesus (Wallace, 1859)

Morotai Is; 9/97;  ssp. toeanti  (all specimens from Insect World, CA)
Mandioli Is. 7/98  ssp. wallacei
Mandioli Is. 7/98  ssp. wallacei - viewed with oblique lighting
Halmahera; 9/98  ssp. lydius form. boutani
Morotai Is; 9/97;  ssp. toeanti abb berchmannsi
Mandioli Is. 7/98  ssp. wallacei   Female

    Rare and local but widespread in the Moluccas, this is a lowland species that is now being bred commercially which may help protect it from extinction due to heavy logging and deforestation in its habitat. Several subspecies have been described.