Graphium megarus (Westwood, 1841)

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Aug 1984 ssp megapenthes Cameron Highlands, W Malaysia Feb 1979 ssp megapenthes
Keningau, N Borneo Mar 1980 ssp sagitter

   Common and widespread from NE India through S China, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Viet Nam, Mayasia and Indonesia east to Borneo and Java. Above is the Malaysian ssp megapenthes. Eight ssp. at least, the nominate form from India being protected by law. Not rare, but females are hardly ever seen, and its life history remains elusive. Subspecies include:

    megarus - Assam and N India
    tistaensis - Sikkim
    megapenthes - Indochina, Hainan, Burma, Malaysia, Sumatra
    tiomanensis - Tioman
    fleximaculata - Banggi island (Mt Banguey?)
    sagittiger - Borneo
    marthae - E Java
    senteinus - Bali