Atrophaneura (Losaria) coon (Fabricus, 1793)

Java  June 1997  female ssp coon

   Widespread in SE Asia and western Indonesia, with seven or so subspecies. Ssp. sambilanga  is said to be very rare and is protected by Indian law. Some authors place it in a separate genus Losaria with the related species neptunus and palu, but most regard Losaria as a subgenus. Subspecies include:
    cacharensis - N India
    sambilanga - Nicobar islands
    insperatus - Hainan
    doubledayi - Malay Peninsula, Burma and Thailand
    delianus - N Sumatra
    pelembangana - S Sumatra
    coon - Java, Bawean
    patianus -  N Java (? as per Tsukada)